Tuesday, May 10, 2005

an incident by the merlion park

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i have positive ID on this indian man. i do not have a name. i just have a joke. i did not make this joke up based on any racial prejudice. it was purely an incident that happened by the merlion park yesterday.

this indian man had handed his video camera over to a chinese couple, most likely tourists from china, so that they could record a clip of him posing in front of the infamous merlion.

"just press the red button and it will shoot!" the man in the turban demanded.

the clip was shot.

the chinese couple returned the camera, walked off. "let's have a picture with the durian," the man told his partner...

the above story may not be as funny as a joke should be. i was just being silly. bored- in need to share what i heard and saw. perhaps i am a bad storyteller.

i just can't help but think about our countries' tourism promotion taglines. "uniquely singapore" - singapore just needed to use that kind of a phrase people will question. "incredible india" - short, precise, clear. why can't we be as simple as just like press the red button and it will shoot ?

maybe malaysia is truely asia.

nope. not drunk. just bored and had to come up with this entry.

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